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Why AA worked when all else failed

I have fairly strong will power in all areas of my life, but my willpower always failed me in my fight with Alcohol. My disease Alcoholism is a progressive disease so it got worse over the years, I would continually, after a bad night wake up with the firm resolve that I would never drink again or that I would never do that again. Sadly no matter how firm my resolve and no matter how much will power I thought against it I drank again or did that again while drinking.

It always happened the same way, my mind would convince me that it would be different this time, I knew how it happened so I just wont do this while drinking, I will only drink light beer this time, I will only drink 2 drinks then go home. Doing those things and many others I might be ok for a little while, or the first time I drank it would happen again. I was trying to fix the problem with the problem my mind, willpower is of the mind, but my mind also convinced me it would be different this time and once I had that first drink the rollercoaster ride was on again, I might be able to stop after 1 drink, 2 drinks and it was harder but once I had the 3rd drink it was like I had no off switch I just had to keep drinking.

After trying every programme that was available and ending up drinking again, I finally went to the one place I did not want to go to AA, I met people who understood whose minds worked the same way as mine, against you not for you and only people whose minds work that way truly understand the insidious disease of Alcoholism. Where I could not beat Alcoholism We as a group could. Then by doing the 12 steps of AA guided by a sponsor I achieved freedom as well as a life free from Alcohol.

Anonymous. AA Way of Life Group Newcastle Australia